VPK Papier Normandie

On its way to becoming the sustainable development hub for the circular economy in Normandy

Processing of 500,000 tonnes of recovered paper and cardboard 
Production of 450,000 tonnes of recycled paper
Preservation and creation of highly qualified jobs

A unique story in Normandy

In June 2021, VPK Group (Belgium) and Double A (Thailand) announced its plans to convert the DA Alizay industrial site into a centre of excellence for sustainable development in Normandy.

With an investment of nearly 250 million euros, the site will be transformed into a production unit for recycled paper for corrugated board and packaging. The project will contribute to the environmental, economic and industrial development of the Normandy region. 

VPK has already proven its skills in the realisation of similar large-scale projects with the conversion of the UPM Stracel paper mill into Blue Paper in Strasbourg. 

VPK Group and Double A are responsible and committed investors. Sustainability, a long-term vision, passion and transparency are the common strengths that have led to the success of both companies.

Waste paper and corrugated boxes
Waste paper and cardboard

Centre for processing recovered paper and cardboard

  • Processing 500,000 tonnes of recovered paper and cardboard a year 
  • Collected in Paris, Normandy and the Hauts de France
  • Transported by multimodal and river transport and delivered directly to the site on the banks of the Seine in Alizay
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water purification station

Decarbonised energy and sustainable production

As a company, we are striving for a sustainable production process in which we reduce and green our energy consumption. The Alizay site will become an ecological landmark in the industrial landscape of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis.

The site contains a paper mill, a biomass power plant, a water treatment plant and will produce 150,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year.

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Protective packaging with impact

The site's new corrugator will manufacture "Z-fold" board, an innovative corrugated board specifically designed to provide packaging for the e-commerce market. 

  • Tailor-made packaging
  • Effective protection of contents
  • Eliminates over-packaging
  • Reduces logistics costs
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An integrated model

The paper produced in Alizay will be used to supply VPK’s packaging production sites, guaranteeing outlets and continuity of production. With 18 corrugated board plants in France, Belgium and the UK, VPK is one of the leading producers of corrugated board packaging in Western Europe.

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First quarter 2023
Start of paper production at VPK Papier Normandie
10 November 2022
Start of corrugated board production
1 July 2022
Start of conversion of paper machine to corrugated paper
10 March 2022
Discontinuation of the production of copier paper by Double A
Fourth quarter 2021
Commissioning of the biomass power plant. VPK places the order with Valmet for the conversion of the paper machine.

Restoration of cultural and historical heritage

The 75-hectare estate on which the Alizay site is located also includes the Rouville Castle and its park dating back to the 18th century. At the time, this place was one of the most important centres of power in the Rouen region.

The conversion project includes the restoration of the castle and its park into a private hotel that will welcome clients, suppliers and visitors interested in discovering the assets of this centre for sustainable development.


Latest news


VPK Group acquires minority share in Ribble in the UK

VPK Group reached an agreement to acquire a minority share in Ribble, the UK corrugated cardboard company specialising in fanfold. A strategic step towards a future expansion of VPK Group's fit2size® product offering and geographical coverage.

VPK Group and Zetacarton join forces

VPK Group has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Zetacarton, an Italian corrugated cardboard company based nearby Como. With this new step, VPK Group is setting foot in Italy for the first time.
VPK Paper Normandy

VPK Group launches paper machine in Normandy

The industrial site in Alizay, acquired in June 2022, has been converted by VPK into a sustainable development hub for circular economy. The group invested 200 million euros in the site to convert the existing paper machine into a recycled paper production unit based on carbon-free energy. The site strengthens VPK's position in the French and European markets through higher vertical integration.

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