Decarbonised energy and sustainable production

As a company, we are striving for a sustainable production process in which we reduce and green our energy consumption. The Alizay site will become an ecological landmark in the industrial landscape of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis.

Biomass power plant

The on-site biomass power plant will produce carbon-free steam and electricity for the various on-site energy consumers. 

  • Biomass power plant with a capacity of 50 MW
  • Represents an electricity production capacity equivalent to the consumption of 240,000 inhabitants
Wood pellets

Production of wood pellets

The site will process 250,000 tonnes of wood per year, originating from the wood industry forestry, and wood at the end of its lifecycle.

By reusing the residual heat from the paper process, the site will produce 150,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year.

This investment will revitalise forestry after the disappearance of the wood sectors associated with paper mills. It will also promote dynamic forestry and the positive environmental structuring of the wood industry.

In this context and thanks to its European presence, VPK will contribute to developing the distribution of wood pellets. The pellets will also be used to produce carbon-free steam in VPK’s other plants in France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

water purification station

Water treatment plant

  • Capacity of 300 m3 per hour
  • Equivalent to treating the water consumption of 40,000 people
  • The plant will produce electricity and heat through the anaerobic treatment process

About VPK Group

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